What People Are Saying

What People are saying about Flutiful Etudes: 

"Sherbie’s book is so wonderful and a great tool to teach my students. I love how many different skills and techniques can be used with her book. This is a book every flute player should have in their library."

-Lyric Rivera, Master of Music Candidate at San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Students using this book:

Iris Y. This book is not boring. My favorite Etude is No. 6 in D Minor because it was fun to play. These etudes work on musicality and articulations. I feel like my musicality skills are improving.

Nina B. I like the descriptions at the beginning of the book. I enjoy playing Etudes in general. My favorites are No. 4 and No. 1. My favorite key is D Major, and I liked the technical F Major. I also like that you can make them harder by playing them faster. I think it is helping improve my sight-reading skills.

Darla B. I like that these are challenging, but still fun. My favorite one is No. 13 because I like Halloween. I like how they get more difficult throughout because I can work on more difficult things and easy things. My playing is improving by having less finger fumbles - getting the fingers down simultaneously.