A free tool for working on the top of the scales? Newsletter 3-19-23

Hello Flutiful Friends,

With some diligence, anyone can improve their technique on their musical instrument. The students in my studio are really making progress on the top notes of their scales! This will help them in playing repertoire in the top register, and it could help them in auditions which require scales and sight-reading.

To help them know what to practice and keep track of how much they are working on the different exercises, I developed a packet for my students to use. This packet outlines the exercises for the students to do each week, and introduces a new exercise or scale group that works the top of the scales in 4 different ways. My goal is to give students the tools they need to really improve on the hardest part of the scales: the high notes. When practicing these exercises, it is important to start slowly and check to be sure they are using the correct fingerings. As the exercises become easier, they can gradually speed them up. Each week explains the exercises in a way that builds on the previous weeks, which helps with keeping the amount of lesson time devoted to learning each exercise to a minimum. The students are never working on more than 3 exercises at a time. Total time for most students to practice these exercises will be 5 minutes or less at the MOST!

I'm using this with all my students who play scales up to G3 or higher. If a student progresses each week to the next week's assignment, it will take them about 16 weeks to complete. If they need to spend extra time on some of the scales to make sure they are getting the correct fingerings or want to get more fluency they can spend an extra week (or more) on that assignment.

I also included a table for students to record their practice repetitions in order to help them to keep track of how they are doing.

(If you are interested in getting this packet to use for yourself or your students, please email me.)

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