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Oboe Obsession Sight-Reading, Vol. 1

This book teaches the SKILLS involved in learning to be a better sight-reader. The content of Volume 1 begins technically easy to allow players to develop these skills without worrying about getting every aspect correct. Learning about difficult rhythms for first thru third-year players is introduced early in the book. It is recommended that even more advanced players start with this book in order to develop these skills before moving to the next level.

Overview: There are two main ideas in music that make a melody recognizable. They are (1) rhythm and (2) pitch. If you only have one of these elements, you can't play a recognizable melody. This book is divided into three main parts: The first section focuses on rhythms, the second section emphasizes notes as secondary to rhythms, and Part Three introduces some simple articulations.

The range of these pieces is from low B (B1) to high D (D3). Key signatures include major and minor keys of zero sharps or flats up to four flats and one sharp. All time signatures have the quarter note getting the beat to ensure that students understand basic counting and how the note values relate to each other. Note values start with whole notes and rests and advance quickly to shorter note values up to sixteenth notes. A full description of how best to use this book is included in the opening pages.

Etude Number 8 in G Minor From Flutiful Etudes

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