How my students did at their recent auditions Newsletter 2-16-23

Hello Flutiful Friends,

Last week I shared with you a description of the regional All-State Band auditions that my high school students participated in.

Let me first say how super proud I am of every one of my eight students who took part in these auditions! This is a very nerve-wracking process that is building life skills for each of them as they learn the art of preparation and presentation of their work. There were approximately another 165 high school flutists who put themselves out there for consideration.The students were judged according to their performance of scales, prepared pieces and sight-reading.

Five of my students auditioned for the 9/10 bands and 3 more auditioned at the 11/12 level.  I am elated to report that at the 9/10 level, two students made high Blue Band (Top band) and qualified to be part of the All-State Band! One of these girls (a ninth grader) was first chair, while the other student was 3rd chair. There were 2 more students that also qualified for the Blue Band.

In the 11/12 group I am also excited to report that one student, a senior, made the Red Band (second Band). 

Although these results were great, there were still three students that didn't make a band. All of them were high on the alternate list but they were very disappointed to not have made the clinic. This always challenges me to reflect on what are the areas that could be better, and what are some ways that I can help them improve to be able to make their goals for next year?

Don't worry. I have some ideas and I'm going to share more with you next week!

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