What was missing from my flute students' audition preparation? Newsletter 2-9-23

Hello Flutiful Friends,

 My high school flute students recently completed their regional All-State Band auditions. As the audition date drew closer, the more it became apparent that there was something lacking in the preparation for some of the students. In our state, students audition either for grades 9 and 10, or grades 11 and 12. The audition has 3 components to it: The 9/10 students play 4 major scales chosen randomly from a list of 8, and the chromatic scale, full range. The 11/12 graders play 4 scales chosen randomly from all the major scales plus the chromatic scale. Each level also prepares a short lyrical piece of 4-5 lines and a technical piece about 5-6 lines long. The audition then has 2 sight-reading pieces of about 3-4 lines each.

 Every student who auditions is ranked from top to bottom. The top 30 students (approximately) become part of either the Blue (top) Band or the Red, (second) Band. They are joined by students who have auditioned on other instruments and get to participate in a 3 day clinic with a special conductor who will rehearse them and end the experience with an awesome concert for the parents and other students. 

Additionally, the very top students (4 or 5 flutes for each level Blue Band) get to participate in the State Clinic with other top players from across the state.

 This is a big deal for the students! The efforts they put into preparation for these auditions helps them to improve their playing and musical skills whether they make the clinic or not. In addition, it helps them prepare for pressure presentations in whatever job they decide to pursue in life.

 As a private teacher, I try to help students prepare for these auditions the best I can. But we also have other music and goals to work on. Stay tuned to see how my students did this year and what we're doing different to prepare for next year!


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