My Story


My name is Sherbie Jared Hampson. I am the founder and sole owner of Sherbie Jared Hampson Music. My goal is to provide inspiring and fresh music for woodwind teachers, students, and performers, that facilitates advancing to new musical and technical levels by using engaging works tailored to bridging gaps in the current repertoire. I have been a private flute teacher for many years. Over the years, I have written several compositions to help my students. I wanted to be able to share some of these with other flute enthusiasts and other flute students. During early 2021, I was inspired to write a collection of twenty-five etudes especially for flutists that are just getting into early etude works. This collection was written in less that 30 days. Coming out of the pandemic first year, I wanted to write songs with a positive and uplifting quality, that would be challenging (but not too difficult) and also musical, to develop the musical aspects of performance. The result is my first public product - Flutiful Etudes.  The second publication is a collection of Flutiful Christmas Songs for beginners that also includes several duets. The most recent publication is the Flutiful Sight-Reading, Vol. 1. This is book one of a series designed to teach sight-reading skills to all ages. I will be following up with other publications in the near future. Please subscribe to my e-mail list at the bottom of the page to receive information about these products and items of interest to flute teachers and players.

Sherbie Jared Hampson photo with flute